Finally Get Rid of Your Knee Pain

Learn the 3 Strategies that Healed My Knees After Months of Pain Even Though Nothing Else Had Worked Before

I love sports and being active, but knee pain almost ruined it for me.

I still remember when I would put on my favorite sport's shoes and the only thought in my mind was how awesome the next couple of hours would be. I would go running in streets of Dresden or the surrounding forests, I'd ride my bike trying to be faster than everyone else, or I'd play basketball with my buddies.

I was outside in the sun, having fun with friends, and getting in shape at the same time. It was great!

May 2009: Me taking a jump shot in a fun game with some Asian students.

May 2009: Me taking a jump shot in a fun game with some Asian students.

My teammates and I at the Summer League in Dresden. I'm in the last row on the right.

My teammates and I at the Dresden Summer League. I'm in the last row on the right.

Knee pain ruined that for me.

The pain developed over 3 to 4 months until it hurt so bad that I couldn't play anymore.

Sometimes I still tried to, but it was horrible. I was practically useless because of the knee pain.

Some days I'd even wake up with knee pain, but mostly I just had to be very careful doing everyday stuff like taking stairs or getting out of the bathtub.

My sport's shoes were now collecting dust in the closet. When my friends asked me to join them for a round of pickup basketball, I had to say no.

It was extremely frustrating, because no matter what I tried, nothing worked.

I was scared of injuring my knees with exercise, but following my doctor's advice to "just rest" didn't help either.

The thought of surgery terrified me the most. Having my knee cut open and fiddled around with by someone who couldn't even tell me why it hurt? What a nightmare!

The fear of surgery terrified me the most. Having my knee cut open and fiddled around with by someone who couldn't even tell me why it hurt? What a nightmare!

I spent a few months trying everything I could think of and experimenting with what I read online, but the pain never went away. I couldn't shake it.

Just as I was about to accept knee pain as part of my life, my worst nightmare became a reality.

"Can you come down and give me a hand?"

It was a late December evening in 2009, when my brother rang the doorbell of our apartment instead of using his key.

I went downstairs to see what the deal was and it turned out that he had twisted his knee during the warm-up for volleyball practice. He couldn't fully straighten or bend it, but he didn't have pain.

I watched him limp up the stairs as I carried his bike up to our apartment. We didn't know what had happened, but the fact that he didn't have pain seemed like a good sign.

We were wrong.

One MRI later Danilo knew that he had torn his meniscus and that he wouldn't be back on the volleyball court for many months.

He later had to have an expensive surgery and he was forced to spend almost all of 2010 on crutches and hundreds of hours in rehab, but that wasn't even the worst part!

He had to put his whole life on hold for almost a year. He missed two semesters at the university and over 10,000 Euro of income, because his job as a trombonist required him to stand and travel a lot.

Danilo at his diploma concert, 2 years after his injury in 2011.

My brother had to put his whole life on hold for almost a year because of his knee injury. He missed two semesters at the university and over 10,000 Euro of income, because his job as a trombonist required him to stand and travel a lot.

This was so much worse than I thought it would be. It was physically painful, emotionally hard, and it could ruin you financially, if you don't have family to support you. But there was something else...

Someday I realized that that Danilo had torn his meniscus without anyone touching him, so he alone was responsible for his injury. The very same thing could happen to me if I didn't find out how to keep my knees healthy and strong!

"70% of ACL injuries result from situations that do not involve direct contact" and that's for ACL injuries alone! There many more types of knee injuries!
- (Boden et al. 2000; McNair, Marshall, and Matheson 1990)

It could happen to any of us, at any time, especially if a knee is already weakened, like mine was.

So then, I desperately wanted to know how I could keep my knees healthy, but I also knew that I had failed to figure that out in the past. There had to be something I could do to crack the knee pain code.

I had already wasted months, with my knees actually getting worse as time went by!

My brother was going through so much pain because of his injury. I decided that I'd rather spend money on research to help me figure this problem out than having to go through one year of rehab and missing out on over 10,000 Euro of income. Not to mention the constant fear of never being able to do sports again.

Over 2011 and 2012, I spent all my disposable income on my knee pain research and attending seminars. At these events, I learned from some of the very best in their field, which instantly gave me insights on knee pain I never once came across in all those months I wasted online digging through useless websites.

2012 April: If you want to learn how you can move explosively without injury to your joints and bones, train with Parkour experts.

2012 April: If you want to learn how you can move explosively without injury to your joints and bones, train with Parkour experts.

2012: Our group of fitness professionals at Steve Maxwell's "Fundamentals of Human Movement" seminar. That was a tremendously insightful weekend.

2012 July: Our group of fitness professionals at Steve Maxwell's "Fundamentals of Human Movement" seminar. That was a tremendously insightful weekend.

You could learn a lot at the final exams you had to go through at these seminars if you wanted to receive the certification.

Receiving a certification after a passed certification exam.

With this knowledge I was finally able to heal my knees! It took several months of smart training and then my knee pain was finally gone. And to think that I had almost given up.

Today, I can play basketball or volleyball like I used to before I had knee pain. I can go for a run and know I'll be fine afterwards. I can do intense leg exercises with great results.

I don't have to worry about my knees if I want to have some fun:

... and I can have some fun whenever I want to. That's me jumping onto a 47-inch barrel of hay from a standing position (120 cm).

... and I can have some fun whenever I want to. That's me jumping onto a 47-inch barrel of hay from a standing position (120 cm).

The best part is that I know how to get my knees even stronger without any risk of injury.

Let me tell you about the 3 strategies I used to get rid of my knee pain.

The 3 Strategies that Healed My Knees After Months of Pain Even Though Nothing Else Had Worked Before

During my research, I discovered many tactics and techniques that can be used to fight knee pain.

Some of these techniques worked directly on the knee, like certain mobility or strengthening exercises.

Other techniques I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams, that's how hidden their connection to knee pain is.

As I collected these techniques to get rid of knee pain, I realized that they all fall into three main categories. These were the 3 strategies I used to end my knee pain after months of frustration.

If you apply these 3 critical strategies, your pain will have no chance of survival. Here they are:

Strategy 1: Remove Hidden Causes for Your Knee Pain

The first strategy requires you to remove hidden causes for your knee pain. These hidden causes can be biomechanical problems in your body, postural issues, wrong movement techniques, or muscular imbalances, among others.

I discovered many techniques to fight knee pain and most of them fall into this category. In total, this strategy encompasses way over a dozen hidden causes for knee pain that most doctors ignore and because you took my email course you're already familiar with some of these hidden causes.

This is the most important strategy to get rid of knee pain.

Unfortunately, most doctors don't know anything about this strategy, which is why knee pain keeps coming back again and again.

To learn how you can apply this strategy, you have to find a highly specialized physical therapist or personal trainer. I couldn't find a person like that back when I had knee pain, so I had to discover this knowledge myself.

Strategy 2: Speed Up Healing of Your Knee

The second strategy will show you how to speed up the healing of your knee naturally, without the need for expensive meds.

Without this strategy, you're likely to make mistakes that slow down or even prevent joint healing. Once you start to apply the techniques for this strategy, your body will begin to heal your joints as fast as possible.

I was lucky enough to learn these techniques from highly advanced training experts. Most medical professionals have either never heard of this stuff or grossly underestimate its importance, even though the connection to joint health has already been established by numerous academic research studies.

These techniques include special lifestyle habits, small changes in diet, optimized exercise choices, and better breathing, among many other things. I was very surprised about how huge the payoff for these small changes was.

Once you get the healing capacity of your joints back to 100%, you will recover as fast as your body allows.

Unfortunately, most medical professionals won't tell you anything about this strategy. Books on knee pain don't cover this either.

Strategy 3: Strengthen Your Knees Safely to Prevent Further Injury

The third strategy will help you strengthen your knees safely, so that you can prevent further injury.

This strategy is critical, because the body needs exercise to heal and without it, your knees will wither away and become weaker and more prone to injury over time.

You can see this happen whenever someone is forced to rest, like after a broken bone. Muscles will atrophy, circulation decreases, fewer nutrients are delivered to the area, and tendons as well as other connective tissues becomes stiff and are injured easily.

If know how to safely strengthen your knees, you can improve your training so that your knees will actually heal instead of being weakened. You will get stronger muscles, better circulation, more available nutrients in the area, as well as stronger tendons and connective tissues that are more resistant to injury.

This strategy requires you to have a deep understanding of your body and its individual needs. With this understanding you can adapt your training for optimal progress.

This understanding will also help you prevent future injuries because you know exactly how to avoid overuse and because you will have optimized your body's recovery capacity.

How the 3 Strategies Work Together to Guarantee Healing

These strategies are like a 3-stage rocket that will carry you back to 100% health.

The first stage will get you half of the way there by removing direct causes for your knee pain.

The second stage will get you even further by enabling your body to heal your knees muchfaster.

The last stage will make sure you reach your goal without any delays or problems, by showing you how to strengthen your knees safely and by preventing injuries.

You can see how these strategies are essential for healing, yet 99% of doctors don't know anything about them. Books on knee pain don't cover these topics at all.

"It's frustrating having a sports doc look at your MRI and conclude that your knee is basically 'fine', despite you knowing that even walking can hurt."
- An athlete with knee pain

It's no surprise that most people never get rid of knee pain. They're not missing critical pieces of the knee pain puzzle, they're missing almost all the pieces!

Going back to the rocket analogy, most people can't reach their destination, getting rid of knee pain, because they're using a catapult instead of a 3-stage rocket.

What Will You Do When Your Knees Are Healthy Again?

Let's imagine that 3 months from now, your knees are completely healthy again. What would you do?

Do you love running?

The moment you decide that you want to go for a run, your mind is on which route you want to take and how much fun it's going to be fun.

On your run, you deeply enjoy nature and the feeling of gliding smoothly along the trail. The landscape has a calming effect on you and you can feel how the sun is slowly reenergizing your mind and soul. It's like meditation and getting in shape at the same time.

Meditation and getting in shape at the same time.

Meditation and getting in shape at the same time.

You feel exhilarated, energized, deeply satisfied, and in great shape. You're happy with your body.

Years go by and your records get better and better. You know how to design your training so that you don't injure your knees, which is why progress comes like clockwork.

You know that you'll never have knee pain again, ever.

Without this detailed knowledge on knee health, you'd still be in the very same situation you're in right now. Your running hasn't been fun in a long time, because there's always some pain or discomfort in your knee.

Without this knowledge on knee health, your knees will get worse as the years go by. You'll likely have to stop running altogether and your risk of surgery increases with each passing year.

Do you love team sports like basketball, football, volleyball, or soccer?

If you love team sports, imagine the following.

It's three months from now. You're in the locker room, getting changed for the game. You feel confident and in great shape, because you've had many productive training sessions in the previous weeks.

You know exactly which warm-up drills make sure your body gets ready to give 100%. You feel like Formula 1-racecar, moments before the lights go green.

The game begins. You move effortlessly and you make great plays you didn't even consider possible in your mind. Somehow your body pulled it off.

In the last minutes of the game, everyone around you is seems tired and slow, but you're still zipping along effortlessly.

Years go by and you get better and better. You know that your body will fully support your style of play. Progress comes like clockwork.

Knee pain seems like a faint dream you had in the distant past.

Without detailed knowledge on knee health, you'd be in a very different place. Three months from now, you'd still be in the very same situation you're in right now. Playing your sport hasn't been much fun in a long time, because there's always some pain or discomfort in your knee.

Without this knowledge on knee health, your knees will get worse as the years go by. You'll likely have to stop playing your sport altogether, because the pain has gotten much too bad.

What is knee pain keeping you from doing?

Maybe you love doing other sports, maybe you love going hiking, or maybe you just want go on enjoying your life. Regardless of what your passion is, imagine what you could be doing if you got rid of your knee pain.

Imagine what your life would be like without pain:

What would you do if you got rid of your knee pain?

How will you feel when you're doing that?

Spend a few minutes thinking about your passion. What does it mean to you?

It's important to get clarity on this because I want you to be on a path that ensures you can enjoy your passion for the rest of your life.

Right now, you're at a fork in the road.

You could keep doing what you've been doing. That's what got you where you are today. Keep doing what you've been doing and hope for the best.

You could also make sure that you have the best knowledge on knee health right at your fingertips.

This decision will have a huge impact, regardless of your choice. I know this to be true with 100% certainty and your gut feeling probably tells you the same.

Do you want to keep walking the same path that got you to where you are now, which is, in pain, or do you want to make a change?

Change is always scary and never comes easy, I can attest to that, but unless you want things to stay the same, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE. There's no other option.

Here's how I will help you.

Here's how you will get rid your knee pain.

The Total Knee Health Video Course
for Healthy & Super-Resilient Knees

How to Get Rid of Your Knee Pain and
Prevent It From Coming Back
Even If Nothing Else Has Worked Before

I want to share my knowledge about knee pain with people that are in the same situation I was in back in 2009. Back then, I was tired of my knee pain and I knew that my doctor's advice to "rest it" wasn't enough.

I needed to strengthen my knees safely so that I could finally go back to being active and enjoying sports the way I used to, but I didn't even know where to begin. It always seemed like I was taking two steps forward and one step back.

During my years of research, I finally understood why my knee pain kept coming back. It slowly started to make sense to me and before I knew it, I was buried under stacks of notes and printouts of academic research studies on hidden causes of knee pain and techniques to speed up joint healing.

In my Total Knee Health video course I will share all this information with you, so that you can get rid of your knee pain and go back to enjoying your life the way you used to before the pain.

This system will show you exactly where in your body and your training you need to look for problems that might be causing knee pain and which steps you need to take to fix those problems.

This knee health system employs the three strategies I mentioned earlier and will hand you the exact techniques you can use to get rid of your knee pain, to prevent it from coming back, and to make your knees super-resilient.

Before we go any further, let me tell you how you know whether Total Knee Health is perfect for you or not.

This Knee Health System Is Perfect For You If

Let me tell you more about my manual for healthy knees.

How Total Knee Health Will Get Rid of Your Knee Pain

Total Knee Health will get rid of your knee pain by helping you discover hidden causes for knee pain in your body and telling you exactly how you can fix them.

You will learn how to look for biomechanical problems and which exercises you need to do to fix them.

You will learn how to remove undue stress from your knee by applying the rules for proper body alignment and by removing muscular imbalances. You will benefit from this knowledge whenever you move, regardless of whether you're an athlete or not.

Stop Your Knee Pain By...

These changes help heal your knees every time you move, because even everyday movements such as taking the stairs will become easier on your knees.

This system will also show you how to speed up healing of your knee, by making changes to certain lifestyle habits, improving your diet, and by teaching you special joint healing exercises.

These joint healing exercises will nurture your knees when they're combined with good dietary choices, which this knee health system covers in detail.

Speed Up Healing of Your Knee By...

Once you implement all these techniques, your knee pain will start to retreat.

To make sure knee pain never comes back, you will learn how you can safely strengthen your knees without any risk of injury.

I will show you how you can apply the Total Knee Health principles in every aspect of your life, regardless of whether it's going through your daily life or performing your sport.

This prevents future problems and gets your knees as healthy as possible.

5 Unbeatable Reasons Why This System Will Work for You

Here are 5 unbeatable reasons why this system will work for you.

Why This Will Work For You - Reason #1:
It's Based on Science that Applies to All Humans

I made sure that every single piece of this knee health system is supported by academic research studies, because I'm skeptical of advice that is solely rooted in opinion and anecdotal evidence.

The scientific research that Total Knee Health is based on applies to all humans, regardless of which gender you are, where you live, or anything else that makes you unique.

The biomechanical principles this knee health system teaches work for every human in every movement scenario, regardless of whether it's going shopping or performing sports.

If you're a human, the Total Knee Health system will work for you.

Why This Will Work For You - Reason #2:
It's Rooted in Decades of Experience of Movement Experts

The techniques and strategies in Total Knee Health are rooted in decades of experience of highly regarded movement experts. These have proven to work for all sorts of people from all conceivable backgrounds. Of course, I made sure to check for scientific evidence that supports them.

These techniques and strategies are not geared towards any specific type of knee pain, but they work by preventing any undue stress on the knee. This means you can use this system to heal your knees, regardless of your pain.

I want to emphasize that I'm not a knee pain genius. My teachers are the geniuses. Standing on the shoulders of these giants, I could see further.

Here's another unbeatable reason why this knee healthy system will work for you:

Why This Will Work For You - Reason #3:
Its Core Principles Are Being Used by Professional Athletes

I've always loved watching training montages ever since I first saw Rocky on TV. Today, I often watch videos on how professional athletes train.

I've seen videos on how NBA stars train. I've also seen training videos of much more special sports, like speed skating on ice. Sometimes I'm even personally present, like when I was invited to share my knowledge with the German National Volleyball Team in 2013.

One thing I've noticed over and over again is that the core principles I built the Total Knee Health system around are already being used by all of these athletes.

If you know what to look for, you will recognize that professional athletes from all sorts of different sports already apply these principles because they've been proven to help increase performance by reducing training downtime due to injury.

This is one more reason why this system will also work for you.

Why This Will Work For You - Reason #4:
It Will Heal Your Knees, Even If You Don't Do Sports

Total Knee Health will heal your knees even if you don't do any sports because you can (and should!) apply its techniques to everyday movements such as walking, climbing the stairs, getting out of a bathtub, and even sitting down on the toilet.

I know it sounds funny, but think about it: sitting down on the toilet is a squatting movement. If you know how to squat without stressing your knee, going to the toilet will actually heal your knee instead of wearing it down.

The same holds true for all other everyday movements, which is why this knee health system is perfect for you even if you don't consider yourself an athlete.

To make sure everyone can benefit from the training program I designed it in a way that makes it challenging for athletes but also allows non-athletes to follow along.

The training program will work for you regardless of where you are now in terms of strength, flexibility, and endurance. I made sure of that.

Why This Will Work For You - Reason #5:
This System Has Already Been Used By People Just Like You

I've gotten hundreds of emails since I first published Total Knee Health in 2013. One thing that keeps surprising me is the wide range of people that are using it or other parts of my material.

This material is being used by people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s.

"I am a family physician in my late 70's and wish I had had this material 40 years ago!"
- Robert S., MD, USA

This system is being used by people that have had multiple knee surgeries in the past, as well as those that didn't have any surgeries and just want to stay healthy.

"Martin Koban, I downloaded your book, read it, have been doing the exercises suggested and all I can say is"GREAT JOB". I am 61 years old and I have had 3 surgeries on my knees as a result of playing American football in high school and college. I also coach football and basketball and we are having our team use these exercises. Once again thank you for your outstanding research and making it available to us."
- George Whary, USA

Finally, this material is being used by athletes and non-athletes with all sorts of passions. I decided to start writing the sports my readers do down. Here are some of the sports Total Knee Health is already being used in:

I'm sure there are many more I don't even know about.

"I am currently on phase 2 of your program. I have had no pain for 6 months now. I have been mountain biking class 4 trails and hiking 14,000 feet mountains this summer with zero pain in my knees."
- Micheal Colwell

HOWEVER, there are readers that use my material just to stay active. Some of these folks only want to be able to walk their dog for example.

Remember that this system is not limited to athletes. It's only limited to humans.

How the German National Volleyball Team
Invited Me to Share My Knowledge

I first published about my knee health system in early 2013 and since then, people from all around the world have used it.

In June 2013, I received an email from one of the athletic trainers of the German National Volleyball team. Mr. Bracceschi invited me to visit him and the team in Kienbaum, a training facility for Olympic athletes near Berlin:

I later discovered that most of the coaching staff was Italian and that he had learned about Total Knee Health from a professional volleyball player in Italy.

In July 2013, I spent one day with Mr. Bracceschi and helped with the training of the team. The coaches of this team are highly qualified and I could only contribute a few pieces of advice such as advanced joint mobilization techniques and special exercise suggestions for reduced load on the front of the knee.

On September 14, 2013, the German team went on to win the Silver Medal in the European Championship, losing only to the superior Russian team. I witnessed this great match live in Berlin and I'll never forget how inspiring it was.

One of the blockers of the German National Volleyball Team, Corina Ssuschke-Voigt, later recommended my book on patellar tendonitis to her followers on Facebook:

However, the book Beating Patellar Tendonitis only covers a fraction of what you'll learn in Total Knee Health. Additionally, you will receive a copy of this great book when you join the Total Knee Health video course.

You Won't Find This Knowledge Anywhere Else

The techniques in Total Knee Health aren’t covered any of the books on knee pain and are not taught to doctors in med school, even though they’re essential for healing knee pain and preventing it from coming back.

The most important difference between my system and any other resource on knee pain is that Total Knee Health will get rid of knee pain permanently by working on the multitude of actual causes of the pain.

These are causes like hidden biomechanical problems with your joints and muscles, small mistakes in your movement technique, the design of your training program, and even the things you eat and how you live your life.

Fixing these underlying causes of your pain is the only solution that provides long-term results. Other options only work on the pain itself, which merely provides symptom relief for a limited time. Let me explain …

The most commonly used methods to treat knee pain are resting, icing, and medication. If you go to a doctor, he will give you some painkillers and recommend the RICE-method (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). This great for first aid after an injury, but it’s not even remotely enough if you want to get rid of knee pain permanently.

Conventional methods are just treating the pain itself. This symptom treatment brings relief for a limited time, but once it wears off you’re right back where you started.

Chances are you’ve already tried the conventional approach and you’re either still in pain or your pain eventually returned.

To get rid of knee pain permanently, you have to find and fix the actual root causes for your pain, instead of merely working on the symptom. Finding and fixing root causes for knee pain is the most important aspect of my knee health system.

You won’t find this information in books on knee pain (I bought them all and checked!), but it’s absolutely critical to get rid of knee pain. Most doctors don’t know anything about the actual causes for knee pain either.

"I have consulted several doctors (even high reputation knee specialists). I tried a couple of pretty expensive treatments without significant success. After all I can say one thing for sure: Buying this book, was the best thing I could do. If you read this book carefully you will for sure know more about jumpers knee than 99.9% of the high reputation docs out there."
- Max (about my book Beating Patellar Tendonitis, which is part of the Total Knee Health course)

But here's the thing:

Fixing hidden causes of knee pain is only the first step of healing your knees!

My knee health system will take you light years beyond that, by also providing you with the exact details on how you can speed up joint healing and how you can strengthen your knees safely.

This course offers the most advanced material for self-treatment of knee pain that I know of and I'm very proud of how much it has already helped people.

Once you have gone through this program, you will know more about how to keep your knees healthy than the vast majority of doctors and physical therapists could ever tell you.

"You should have titled your book, 'Everything you need to know about your knee but your doctor didn't tell you OR didn't know!' You are really providing people like me with information they can't get anywhere else!"
- Susan Pech, USA (about my older book)

This is why Total Knee Health provides 1000-times more value than books and most doctors.

What’s Included in the
Total Knee Health video course?

The Total Knee Health video course is an advanced training system designed to eliminate knee pain permanently by working on all hidden causes of knee pain and by speeding up joint healing with the end goal of making your knees super-resilient.

Here’s what’s included in the course:

Total Knee Health Training

3-Phase Video Training Program to
Eliminate Your Knee Pain and
Make Your Knees Super-Resilient

This 3-phase training program will help you get rid of your knee pain by fixing hidden biomechanical causes of your pain. You will learn how to make your knees as resilient as possible by strengthening them safely, without any risk of injury.

Knee Health Mastery
The Video Course

This 16-part video course will teach you everything I know about knee health. This course will give you a supreme understanding of how knee pain happens, how to get rid of it, and how to banish it from your life forever. Knee pain will no longer be a mystery.

The video course comes with a very detailed manual. This comprehensive guide has 236 letter-sized pages and covers every aspect of the course. It is available for you to read on your computer and your mobile device or eReader.

Here's a tentative overview of the topics the video course will cover:

The individual parts of this video course will be released as we go through the course together.

My Answers to Your Questions

I will answer your questions about the course.

I'm always there to help you succeed with the program. If you have any questions about the exercises, the training, or any part of the knee health mastery video course I will be there to answer them.

Since my goal is to offer the very best program for self-treatment of knee pain, I will keep adding new material to the course based on the questions of the course participants.

This allows you to…

… and many things we’ll only discover once you and I get started.

Beating Patellar Tendonitis

The Proven Treatment Formula to Fix Hidden Causes of Jumper's Knee and Stay Pain-Free for Life

I want you to have the very best information on knee health possible, which is why I will give you a free digital copy of my newest book Beating Patellar Tendonitis.

20 Hours of HD-Video

Streamed to Your Computer or Mobile Device

This course offers over 20 hours of HD-video, streamed directly to your computer or mobile device.

That is more than 15-times as much content and detail as your average exercise DVD offers.

What This System CANNOT Do For You

After telling you everything about what Total Knee Health can do for you, I need to take a minute to tell you what it CANNOT do for you.

The goal of Total Knee Health is to help you understand and solve your own knee pain. For this knee health system to work, you have to invest time into training and discovering the needs of your body.

I will tell you where to look for problems and how to fix them. I’m not in charge of your body. I’m not feeling what you feel. So I can’t do the work for you.

You have to take full responsibility for your health. This program will require several months of work and there is no shortcut.

This system is NOT FOR YOU IF…


Before you join this program, understand that I'm an author and personal trainer, not a medical professional.

My guidance for your journey to healthy knees will not include medical assistance.

What If I Don't Have the Time?

I can guarantee that you will find the time to follow the program. Here’s why:

This is a self-paced course, which means you will have lifetime access to the material and you may watch the Knee Health Mastery videos whenever you find the time.

Additionally, the daily training will take around 45 minutes on average or less, depending on how well you know the exercises and how advanced you are.

To ensure fast progress and allow training that is more flexible, I created two brand-new training modules, the DTD-module and the “Extra Mile”-module. You can do these whenever you have some time, even if it’s just 2 minutes.

One question you have to ask yourself is how badly you want to get rid of your knee pain. Even C-Level executives in Fortune 500 companies find the time to exercise for 45 minutes a day because they make it a priority.

I made the training program as flexible and short as possible. A shorter program will not give you optimal results, which is why I couldn’t minimalize the program any further.

If getting rid of knee pain is a priority for you, you won’t delay joining this program with the excuse of “I don’t have the time,” because it’s just that, an excuse for not taking action.

Think about what you will do once you’ve gotten rid of your knee pain. Vividly imagine yourself doing that and ask yourself, are these dreams worth spending 45 minutes of your day on?

Will This Work For Me?

The science that I based the advice in this program on applies to all humans and it has even provided results for people that had multiple knee surgeries.

This program is incredibly easy to follow. Since you read the material on my email newsletter, you know that I explain even complicated topics clearly and in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Remember that athletes from a wide variety of sports have already used this program.

Many people that don’t consider themselves athletes have also used my material.

I consciously designed the Total Knee Health video course in a way that would even allow my 12-year old sister to use it successfully. It’s that easy to apply.

Lastly, should you ever get stuck or need help, I will personally help you keep progressing as best as I can.

Compare Total Knee Health to…

Instead of using the Total Knee Health system, you could try some other options to get rid of your knee pain.

Doing Nothing

Price: $0 Guarantees: None

You could keep doing what you're already doing. Most likely this only leads to months of pain and quiet desperation. I tried this option back when I had knee pain and it was extremely frustrating and not leading anywhere. Maybe you’ll have more luck, but I think this quote says it best:

“What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.”


Going to More Doctors

Typically: $1,000 and more. Guarantees: None

Maybe you find that one expert that has this knowledge about knee health. I know that these true experts are extremely rare, because this special knowledge isn’t taught in med school.

If the treatment fails, you won't get your money back.


"I found a sports doc with a shiny office, had the usual examination with imaging and was told I needed PRP administered by himself as well as physiotherapy with his colleague. All of this at a very high price.

In the meantime, I had bought your book. I have been following your course for over a month now and it has been helping me immensely, as well as shown me that there was hope after all and that I did not actually have to go for surgery or the unproven PRP treatment."

- Mateusz Izdebski (about my older book)


Trying Expensive Medical Treatments

Typically: $3,000 and more. Guarantees: None

Some medical professionals are eager to offer expensive treatments at jaw-dropping prices if they find someone looking for a magic bullet. Of course, one single treatment won't be enough, so you have to keep coming back to make it work.

There's no way to get your money back should the outcome disappoint you.

"I have spent lots of hours on the Internet researching how to cure my knee to get back on the court. I have consulted several doctors (even high reputation knee specialists). I tried a couple of pretty expensive treatments without significant success."
- Max, March 19, 2014


Doing All the Research Yourself

Price: $10,000 and more. Guarantees: None.

I was able to travel to seminars over several years because I was working a part-time job that allowed me to take many days off during the week. I was single and could travel to other countries or disappear for weeks at a time without anyone noticing.

I also had the money to pay for these seminars and the research. In total, I spent close to 10,000 Euro on my knee pain project in 2011 and 2012 alone. You should know these things before you decide to go for this option.


The good news is that I already did all that work for you.

Here’s my guarantee…

A Guarantee That Only I Could Offer

Here is my personal promise to you that none of the above options offer.

If you apply the techniques and strategies in Total Knee Health diligently and you don’t notice a significant reduction in knee pain within 8 weeks, I will refund 100% of your money.

I can’t guarantee that you will get rid of your knee pain completely within 8 weeks, and frankly, I’d be suspicious of anyone who would promise that. Getting rid of knee pain is not an easy journey and although I’ve collected the very best techniques and information to get you back to enjoying your passions in life, it’s not as easy and straightforward as getting your car fixed.

Here's my 60-days money back guarantee:

If you’re not satisfied with my knee health system FOR ANY REASON at all, If you don’t like the way I cite research, the photographs I have used to illustrate the knee health exercises, or my accent in the videos, I will refund your money within 60 days of purchase.

I’m confident that this program will change your life, which is why I TAKE ALL THE RISK.

Consider this: if it works, you can go back to enjoying your passions in life. If it doesn’t, you won’t have lost anything. You’ll still have learned countless secrets your doctors never told you and you will have gotten all your money back. This is my 100% secure guarantee for the entire first 8 weeks of this knee health program.

Reader Feedback About
My Knee Health System

Here is some reader feedback about my Total Knee Health system and my other material on knee health.

"Total Knee Health was extraordinary! My tight iliotibial band, mistracking patella, and constant pain are cured thanks to you. You have my utmost gratitude."
Brian Plaisier, MD


"Total Knee Health has changed my life. I would recommend reading this book even if you have no knee or joint problems. 

I had a major knee injury which took a year to recover from, in the last few months I read Martin's Total Knee Health and used many of the exercises and principles in his book to assist in my recovery and strengthen my knees to avoid future injuries.

It is obvious that this book was written with passion for real answers, understanding and helping people."

- Guy Greenblat (about the TKH Manual that is part of this course)


"You should have titled your book, 'Everything you need to know about your knee but your doctor didn't tell you OR didn't know!' You are really providing people like me with information they can't get anywhere else!"
- Susan Pech, USA (about my older book)


"I got jumperís knee from playing basketball about 4 months ago, trying to get ready for a corporate basketball league. I could barely walk and thought Iíd have to miss out on the b-ball season. Luckily, I injured myself a couple of months prior to season start and came across your exercises.

Needless to say, the exercises drastically improved the knees and I was able to play the season (and was one of the top scorers on my team)."
- Andy B.


"I spent hours looking for knee information and decoding technical language after developing knee tendonitis. I was thrilled to find Martin Koban's book, Total Knee Health. Its pictures, written instructions and videos clearly teach you what to do to help strengthen and protect your knees. I've had great results, and will continue following the recommendations to help prevent future injuries."
- Jennifer Chase


"I am a cyclist and was having knee problems for over two years and I was told the only solution was surgery. I followed your exercises and now my knees are just fine. My cycling is now normal, no more pain! I am 72 years old and cycle competitive.
I can only thank You very much for your assistance."

- Per Pedersen-Hoien

Get Total Knee Health Today

Total Knee Health Video Course

Get Rid of Your Knee Pain
and Return to Doing What You Love

The course will close on Friday, 03 April 2015 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Join Total Knee Health today to receive the following:

My 3-phase video training program to eliminate knee pain and make your knees super-resilient

Every workout demonstrated on video with the opportunity to ask questions and ask for advice

Access to my ever-growing vault of knee health exercises, with every exercise demonstrated and explained in detail

The 16-part knee health mastery video course to teach you everything I know about knee health and give you a deep understanding of knee pain

The 236-page knee health manual (formerly sold individually for $47), explains every theoretical aspect of the course in detail. You can read it on your computer, your mobile device, or your ereader.

My answers to your questions about the course material, I will help you make progress as fast as possible and keep you motivated throughout the course

20 hours of HD-Video, streamed to your computer or mobile device

First-time access to my brand-new training modules, the DTD-module and the “Extra Mile”-Module

I do not offer the above parts individually, since they work as a unit. When you join Total Knee Health, you will also receive:

My book “Beating Patellar Tendonitis”, learn the hidden causes of patellar tendonitis to understand how you can defeat this frustrating injury and prevent it from returning in the future

Ironclad guarantee: significant reduction in knee pain within 8 weeks or your money back

If you apply the techniques and strategies in Total Knee Health diligently and you don’t notice a significant reduction in knee pain within 8 weeks, I will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

60-days 100% money back guarantee, you can try this program at my risk!

The course will close on Friday, 03 April 2015 11:59 PM Eastern Time. I will not offer the course again in the next couple of months.

4 monthly payments of $59

(That's $1.54 per day)

Save $39 - Pay in full today

Additional taxes (e.g., VAT) may apply depending on where the purchase is made.
Questions or concerns about the course? Email me.
I'm happy to help.

More Reader Feedback

Here is some feedback by readers that used my material to heal their knees:

"I followed your program for 6 months and ... on the right.
106 miles completed. Thank you."

- George


"Training phase 3 is going well and my knees and legs are feeling stronger each week.

The program is working and I am feeling confident in my legs."

- Nathan B.


"Your exercises have done more for me than the doctors referrals and physical therapists, And I am OK, not perfect, but your suggestions worked for me. I was 'diagnosed' with arthritis in a knee. One gets to a certain age and the assumption in US med care, is that you are arthritic. My thinking was I needed the right exercises to overcome an injury.

I think you are a bright and caring and savvy practitioner, and I thank you for providing those exercises. Just thank you, for all you have done for this very active 73 year old woman who thinks you are dynamite. "

- Bonnie B.


"Thank you for helping me save my running career!"
- Dean T.


"I am not an athlete, I am in my 60's and knew that I did not want to live the rest of my life with knee pain. You enabled me to make my knees strong again and I am grateful."
- M Sievers.

Start with Healing Your Knees Today

Do you want to get started with healing your knees today?

I had knee pain myself and over the years I talked to hundreds of people from all over the planet. I created this course because there is no alternative for people that want to heal their knees.

I personally spent over 10,000 Euro on seminars and learning about knee pain and in this course I will share all my knowledge with you.

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